164 : Old House Rough Plumbing (Drains) Video Series

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This is the first in a series of practical videos I took while working on the old house project.  In this video (which is in 6, 1 hour long segments), you see me completely rough in the plumbing drains for an entire three bathroom house including:

Part 1 of 6 (on You-Tube in 2 parts) : Some introductions, a tour of the home, some tool pointers, placing (drilling) upstairs toilet flanges, running the upstairs vanity drains through the walls (how to run pipe in walls and how to cut and glue fittings), setting the shower (with mortar) and tub and drilling for the drains.  Part 2 of 6 : Blocking out a section of floor joists to allow plumbing (drain was over floor joist – dang it!), installing the tub trip-drain and installing the drains in the first floor ceiling to take water from second floor fixtures.  Part 3 of 6 : Continuing the drain runs in the first floor ceiling and working over to a vent and drain for the first floor bath sink.  Gluing in the shower drain.  Tying in the tub drain to the beginnings of the plumbing stack.  Part 4 of 6 : Installing the drain box for the washer, and starting work on many of the second floor vents into the attic and working them over toward the stack.  Part 5 of 6 : Continuing the vents in the attic, installing the stack from basement to attic and tying the attic vents to it, connecting base of stack in basement to main sewage connection outlet through foundation wall and starting the basement run from the kitchen, washer drain and 1st floor sink into the outlet as well.  Part 6 of 6 : Finishing up the basement, pressure testing the system, installing clamps.  

This video is not like one of the popular home improvement videos that show quick shots of this and that, but nothing completely.  This is video of me doing the whole job.  Certainly, I cut out as much as I could, but it is still some 6 hours long!  You will see me work through my thought process and physically do most of the job.  You will also see me get real dirty and quite sweaty – it was nearing 100 degrees and very humid for most of this project!

I placed the camera in the best location I could for the many shots.  Some are great, some were hard to get (in tight areas).  It was taped in HD, so it is quite clear, with some lighting limitations (was taped in a 100 year old house, not a studio!)..  I used a wireless mic which worked quite well, but near the beginning I plugged it into the wrong jack by mistake (new camera) so you can only hear via the internal mic for a bit of it.  A few parts are missing due to technical issues, but you will certainly see enough to let you know the process.  Overall, I think the quality is very good, considering the conditions.

On that topic, I am not a professional plumber.  I have done several plumbing jobs and have studied allot about the topic.  Certainly I made some goof ups, and I am sure you will too.  But, it is my hope that after seeing this video, you will have the confidence to tackle some plumbing jobs yourself.  Though, I would not recommend doing a whole house rough-in as your first project..   That would be insane!

The first hour or so is on you-tube to sample for free (in two 1/2 hour segments) with advertisements.  People complain about the ads, but when people watch them, I am able to make a LITTLE bit of money, which helps pay the bills. It takes many hours of extra time to do the projects having to deal with the camera and then many more hours to edit the raw footage.  It’s a lot of work!   I do it because I like to help people, but it does cost money and I think the work is worth me earning some “fun coupons” (cash..).

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