165: Listener Questions

This video features answers to some listener questions that came in. They include: 1. How can a white wire be Hot when adding a switch to a ceiling light? 2. How can I feed two outlets in one box, off two circuits, with one piece of 12-3 wire? 3. How can I feed two circuits […]

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156 – Video: Watts a Watt


A show dedicated to the old Watt.  Watt it is (sic), watts a watt-hour, a kilowatt, how to calculate the cost of running an electric appliance and all kinds of other neat watt-related stuff. Add your results of watt watching on our Facebook page.  Let others know how much your saving! http://media.blubrry.com/hofpodcast/p/hofpodcast.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/Videos/wattsawatt.mp4 Podcast: Play in […]

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153 – Video – Electrical Circuits


A video explaining the circuits that are used in home wiring – series and parallel as well as combination circuits, sometimes referred as complex circuits. Examples given how to wire some simple house circuits using the basics given. Also covered, an explanation on three and four way switches – they are not that complex! With […]

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