2 thoughts on “91 – Landscaping

  1. Megan Benevides says:

    Hi. Thanks for te informational podcast. I have a question for you. What should I do if the builder graded and seeded our lawn and now I reaized it was done wrong? It is nearly impossible to cut our grass becaue there are so many dips and divits throughout the yard…we almost tip over on the tractor often. We also had the grader take all of the large boulders and make a retaining wall in the front of the house but it seems to be sinking and it is very off level now. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?

  2. Was it ok when you took delivery?? If it was, it sounds like there might have been a lot of fill placed in your yard and not compacted properly. He may have also buried organics, such as trees or burst. When that rots, it settles. If its virgin ground, it should not settle that much. Is your home still under the warranty – if there was one? Otherwise, you might like to get someone else out to re-grade it, unless you can do it yourself. May need some new top soil too. No real easy fix..

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