165: Listener Questions

Homeowner's Friend Podcast

This video features answers to some listener questions that came in. They include:

1. How can a white wire be Hot when adding a switch to a ceiling light?
2. How can I feed two outlets in one box, off two circuits, with one piece of 12-3 wire?
3. How can I feed two circuits off one piece of 12-3 wire?
4. How can I switch a 240 volt circuit?
5. How to wire a series of basement lights with a series of switches – willl this cause neutral problems?
6. Gave some advice on finding a leak in a wall/ceiling and how to rewire an apartment
7. Will larger GFI outlets be too large to fit in older boxes wit some advice on how to do this.
8. With a 100 amp breaker, what size of wire will I need to handle the 50 amps on each leg? (explaining why this thinking is wrong).

Here is an example of a 240 volt switch for question #4 above. I believe this will work,though I have not tried it. Place B002MPQ51O into search box @ www.amazon.com

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Video here:  ≥≥≥       http://youtu.be/9fhYxEgHDJg

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