163 : A short demo video and a quick poll

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This is a short sample video of my plumbing drains video I am working on (video on bottom of page).  I am at a quandary, however.   The entire video is 3.5 hours long, and I am not done with it yet!  I will shorten it up some, but even if its a couple hours long, its really too long for you-tube.   Taping the segments, then editing them down, is taking a lot of time and effort!  (But, I love it!)

I have two questions, first, would you like to see the videos go through the whole process (be long) or would you rather just see the important parts (be shorter).  I just feel the process is important to understand as a whole.  For example, other podcasts may show you how to install a three way switch, but not anything else.  I like you to understand how it works so you have a better understanding of its part in the system.  You know I like to be thorough!

Would you like to see longer, more in depth videos or shorter ones focusing on the basics
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  • - ( 1 vote )
  • - ( 1 vote )

What I am contemplating, is to continue to create shorter videos for You-Tube.  But also, to create these longer, more in depth videos and place them on my website as a supporting member’s benefit (The Foundation Club).  You would have to be a member to see them (and download them, if you wish), commercial free.  These videos will soon include, for example:

Drains Video – showing how to rough in a whole house’s plumbing including tubs, showers, toilets, washing machines, etc..  (soon to be released)

Supplies Video – showing how, using PEX, to rough in a whole house feeding water to all the above devices including installing a single knob mixer for a shower and tub, washer hookups, the whole enchilada..   (taped, to be edited after drains is done)

Wiring – roughing in the service for a whole home including the service entrance and panel, outlets, kitchen, baths, lights (three ways too) and lots of other stuff!   (taping this now)

Installing all the plumbing fixtures after sheetrock

Installing all the electrical fixtures after sheetrock

Alarm – how to install a wired professional home security system with motions, window sensors, glass breaks, noise, smoke, heats, carbon monoxide,  the whole deal..  (coming soon)

Plus other stuff like installing shower doors, cabinets, sidewalks and who knows what else..

These are not studio shots, they are me getting dirty and (especially this summer working on the drains) SWEATY!  I tried to do the best video work I could without taking too much time – some shots are hard to show, but they are better than anything on youtube that I can find..

My second question is, would support the show financially to gain access to these videos?  The Foundation Club membership would probably be around $50/year (+ 50 cent tax for members with CT addresses), with discounts for fire/ems/police/and active or retired military as a show of support.  Wounded warriors would be free with my thanks.  Members would get the videos, a private contact email for faster answers to questions, and perhaps some live video events or other cool stuff.

Would you support the show financially to see these longer, more comprehensive videos and other features?
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I think you realize I do not do this for the money, however, money is nice and is a real big motivator!  It cost money to run the site.   Right now, the site needs a server update – its too slow feeding video.  The equipment to produce the show is also expensive – cameras, wireless mics, editing software, etc.   I do make a few bucks off You-Tube as a partner, but it is not much by any stretch.  It does not cover the costs associated with the show.

Note: for those of you that have donated in the past, you will automatically become members the first year – no matter how much you donated.  Thanks for your support!

Thanks for taking the time to give me your feedback – I really value your opinion.



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2 thoughts on “163 : A short demo video and a quick poll

  1. Joseph Southland says:

    I am a landlord and like to try to keep my tenants happy with quick and above average repairs and maintenance. I have just watched the 3 electrical and 3 plumbing videos (EAGERLY awaiting the videos with the actual work!). I have learned a lot and ordered all of the black and decker books you suggested. I started to watch the old house video and noticed it was in West Hartford. Are you in CT, I live in the Wallingford/Meriden area.

    I have a leak in my basement that leaks when the second floor uses the sink. It seams like a very involved project as we have no idea even what floor the leak is on. Any ideas on how to best tackle this project.

    I’ve run into this a few times. Any suggestions, supplies, material, or information that would help me handle fixing leaks.

    I also have a project where the whole second floor (in between 1st and 3rd floor is run off 1 breaker in the basement). There is a subpanel in the kitchen that seams like it is just for the kitchen. Any suggestions on how to run wiring throughtout that floor with an apartment below and above?

    I would be willing to pay you for your time. My cell phone is (203)676-3433.

  2. It’s not my first time to pay a visit this website, i
    am visiting this site dailly and take nice information from here everyday.

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