162: Video: Why are my Arc-Fault (AFCI) breakers Tripping?

Homeowner's Friend Podcast

We answer a question in this brief show, why are my arc-fault circuit interrupters (breakers) tripping?  We look at what AFCI’s are, what they do, and how to do some basic trouble shooting.  As I mentioned in the show, these are a life-safety device so you want to make sure they are installed and working correctly.  Do not replace them with a regular breaker – this is more Dangerous!..  Check for faulty devices (broken or loose cords, kinks, slices,etc.) check your wiring – are all the screws tight on the outlets, in the panel?   is a arcing light switch the culprit?  Or, is it one of your loads, such as a tv, coffee maker or blow dryer?   Watch to get more insight into these sometimes tricky problems.

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