158 – Video: All about Demolition!

Homeowner's Friend Podcast

This video (linked below) looks at how to do Demo – wether you are removing a wall or gutting the whole house, this video should help you. We look at the tools you will need, the process I used including a lot of things I learned (which will save you from having to learn them!) and how to stay safe. We also look at how to determine if a wall is “Load Bearing”.

Always get a permit for any work you undertake and get it inspected to cover your back-side. Insurance companies are always looking for a reason to not pay a claim!

On new videos, I am going to link them here, rather than host them on this site.  They play better on You-Tube with variable quality levels, depending on your connection, and this seems to work better for most people that have commented.  Click the little gear/star thingy-bob in the lower right corner of the player screen to change the resolution manually – all the way to HD!   (Me in HD, that is scary!)



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