156 – Video: Watts a Watt

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A show dedicated to the old Watt.  Watt it is (sic), watts a watt-hour, a kilowatt, how to calculate the cost of running an electric appliance and all kinds of other neat watt-related stuff.

Add your results of watt watching on our Facebook page.  Let others know how much your saving!

2 thoughts on “156 – Video: Watts a Watt

  1. Carlos Garcia says:

    Great videos

  2. I was amazed at some of the thigns I found around the house that draw power just sitting there doing nothing. This thing is easy to figure out and program in your cost per Kwh.A couple of thigns I found by using this device: the entertainment center costs me $11 a year to have just sit there in standby mode. This is a 32 LCD TV, surroundsound system, DVD player, Wii, and subwoofer all plugged into a . If I watch a DVD or play the Wii, it costs me 40 cents a day, or about 3.33 cents an hour. My gaming computer (Dual Core, 500 watt power supply and 19 LCD) cost me $99 a year to run 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. That includes the occasional laser printing and occasional 2.1 speaker usage. So I turn it off more often. Cell phone charger: .86 cents a year, but when charging it costs me $1.73 a year. New coffee pot costs me between 5-7 cents to brew a pot of coffee and let it sit for a couple hours. Toaster at 350-degrees costs me about 11 cents an hour. Dell laptop charger costs me about $1.70 a year to keep it plugged in. It’s about a penny and hour to charge the laptop’s battery. NOAA handheld weather radio costs 86 cents a year to run 24/7In the end, it seems like it is only really worth the trouble to unplug the entertainment center when not in use and turn off the computer more often. Sure, everything draws power, but we factored in the hassle of it versus the cost.We have been unplugging stuff around the house when we are not using it, and began to wonder how much we are saving. This thing has helped out in deciding what’s worth going through the hassle of unplugging each time, and the results are almost instantaneous. I highly recommend using this device to settle the score in the fight against wasted energy usage or even in helping decide which devices/appliances around your house aren’t worth owning due to ridiculous power draws.I’m still testing more items around the house, so check back later for updates.

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