152 – Video – The stuff you use to wire your home

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I have just posted a new video on You-Tube covering electrical devices, boxes and cable.  Watch it here on on  YouTube –  HERE .

Working on my next video on circuits – kinda complicated – but getting there..  Hopefully this week it will be ready.  Stand By..

2 thoughts on “152 – Video – The stuff you use to wire your home

  1. Hello, my electrician installed wiring for a portable generator. There are 2 watt meters installed above a sub panel. Why are there 2 watt meters? Do I add the total wattage displayed of the 2 meters?

    Also, the electrician installed a large 4 conductor outside box for the generator that sticks out like a sore thumb. Is there a 4 conductor outside box that is made to be recessed so it can be mounted flush to the wall?

  2. The only reason there would be two meters, would be if you had two services in the house (a two-family perhaps)? Send me a picture of it – might help me figure it out. AS for as the box, he could install a old work box recessed into the wall, but it is a bit more work which is probably why he took the easier option (may be a cheaper option as well).

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