151 – Solar Basics

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In response to a question, this show explains how solar power systems work including battery based and grid-tie systems.  I explain how to calculate their output, what to do when the sun don’t shine, and some other practical information.


Solar Map I referred to with the hours per day of solar production

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4 thoughts on “151 – Solar Basics

  1. Thanks Steve for doing this show for me. The sun shines all year round down this side…lol I must say that I learnt alot on solar energy today. and I will scrap the A/C units plan and find a alter. way to cool the house. I am looking forward for your next show. would love if its a video podcast. and I enjoy listening to your podcast. thanks alot.

  2. No problem Clifford – I may integrate some solar calcs in my upcoming video on circuits. Would be a good real-world example. Thanks for listening..


  3. Hi Steve, it’s been two weeks since we haven’t heard from you, is everything okay?

  4. Everything is fine – just busy! I am trying to do final editing on my next video, Electrical devices, boxes and wire.. Also starting to work on my circuits video. Just takes forever when you have kids driving you crazy!

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