136 – Video – How to install a Service Entrance

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This is a new video that explains the Service Entrance and how to install one.  It also covers how the electricity is fed to your home via the Primary and Secondary power lines and the transformer.

Watch on here or on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “136 – Video – How to install a Service Entrance

  1. Pat Sullivan says:

    I wanted to run a new supply electrican line under ground in conduit, in doing so some of the wire had some shaving while feeding thru the conduit, not deep but lightly shaved , will that hurt the insulation effect of the wire?

  2. Pat Sullivan says:

    my question is, when installing electrical service line into a conduit, will it hurt the line if the insulating part of the wire gets shaved lightly?

  3. Hi Pat – yes it will effect the insulting properties to an extent, but it may not be an issue. Can you see the wire at all? If you can, that would be a big problem. If its just scratched and you suspect there is still ample insulation left (you can judge by a piece of insulation stripped from the end – compare thickness with whats been scraped off), it should be fine. You may want to wrap some quality (3M) electrical tape around it to help protect it somewhat or, better yet, use heat shrink tubbing if its not too long a section that was scraped. If its just a short run, it mary make sense to just replace it for peace of mind.

  4. Thanks fοr sharing your thoᥙghts abօut overhead service drop.

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