130 – Home Heating

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A show on a topic that many do not want to think about now!  But, the cool weather is coming and now is the time to plan for the long winter.  This show looks at the types of fuels and systems that are available to heat your home.  Any questions?  Drop it on here or on our facebook page – facebook.com/homepodcast!

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2 thoughts on “130 – Home Heating

  1. boilerbugle says:

    Enjoyed the podcast, we’re getting ready to buy our first house in upstate NY, and a heating oil furnace is probably what we’ll end up with.
    Just a quick fact I looked up, Heating oil is really only used in the Northeast http://www.census.gov/apsd/cqc/cqc27.pdf
    I grew up in Indiana, and never heard of heating oil until we moved out here.

  2. Interesting, I thought it was used everywhere where the climate was cool.. Learn something new every day!

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