1 – Introductions

Homeowner's Friend Podcast

In this, the inaugural edition of the Homeowner’s Friend Podcast, we introduce the podcast, explain its purpose and content and introduce the host.  Expect a new podcast every day or so, depending on if my schedule allows it.  Please visit the website, www.hofpodcast.com.  Thanks for listening!  steve@hofpodcast.com

4 thoughts on “1 – Introductions

  1. Hello, are these just audio or am I issing the video? thanks

  2. I relly enjoy your podcast.

  3. The vast majority are audio only – but recently I have been doing more videos. IF it’s a video, I say that. Also, check out the you-tube site to see them all as well – link at top of page. thanks for listening/watching!

  4. Thanks!

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